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Finnish sauna

•Temperature: 80 ˚C - 100 ˚C
•Humidity: 10 % – 20 %
•Recommended time of a sauna session: maximum 15 minutes
•Max. number of people: 7

High temperatures and steam warm the body and promote sweating in order to eliminate toxins from the body. Regular visits to Finnish sauna promote a general well-being and enhance the body resistance.

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Infrared sauna

•Temperature: 30 ˚C - 50 ˚C
•Humidity: 10 %
•Recommended time of a sauna session: no more than 40 minutes
•Max. number of people: 5

The infrared waves penetrate and warm the body deeply, continuously and uniformly. The infrared sauna helps burn off calories and it is very efficient in treating and reducing cellulite. It promotes the reduction of stress, tiredness and skin conditions. It also helps reduce pain and accelerates wound healing from injuries and surgeries.

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Turkish sauna

•Temperature: 40 ˚C – 50 ˚C
•Humidity: 100 %
•Recommended time of a sauna session: no more than 20 minutes
•Max. number of people: 10

The steam has beneficial effects on respiratory paths, it stimulates the blood circulation and opens and purifies the skin pores. It promotes a general well-being and reduces the stress level. A high level of humidity and heat invigorates the skin, thus it is a perfect treatment to do before having a massage or a peeling.

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When sauna is not recommended?

In case of heart disorders.
In case of blood pressure disorders.
In case of fever (above 38 ˚C).
In case of varicose veins, diabetes, hemophilia, cancer.
In case of pregnancy or during menstrual period.
Not recommended for people younger than 6 and older than 75 years.
In case of alcohol consumption or excessive drinking.


  • Before entering the sauna take a shower and wipe thoroughly.

  • Put a towel or a sheet where you sit (even under your feet).

  • The visit in sauna should not last more than 20 minutes, while the respect of silence is required.

  • Finally take a shower again and have a 20 minutes rest.

  • It is recommended to repeat the procedure three times (finnish and turkish) and once (infrared).